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Brief introduction of Baoti equipment Manufacturing (Baoji) Co., Ltd.

Baoti Equipment Manufacturing (Baoji) Co., Ltd.(short for equipment manufacturing company), that is now baoti Group under the second-level independent legal entity, the company's existing staff of 300 people, including 100professional and technical personnel; Covers an area of 33000m2,of which the working area of 26000m2,including 3000m2non-ferrous metal equipment special clean plant, 1800m2special stainless steel equipment plant, is specialized in titanium, nickel, vanadium and all kinds of non-ferrous metal and its alloys and composite materials special equipment design, manufacturing, research and development, sales of high-tech enterprises.

The company began the development of titanium equipment non-standard in the 1970s, in 1986 in the country's first titanium first, second and third type of pressure vessel design and manufacturing license (when titanium equipment is three categories), in 1995 to obtain the United States ASME specification “U” steel printing. The company passed the ISO9002 quality system certification, holds the national new version A2-level production license of special equipment、titanium and vanadium Pressure piping element type test and factory production license、ASME “U” steel seal, is China Chemical Equipment Corporation fixed-point manufacturer.

After more than 40 years of accumulation and development, the company has now formed a variety of non-ferrous metals and composite materials non-standard pressure vessel design and manufacture of specialized production lines, with can meet the different types of equipment manufacturing needs for production and inspection of conventional equipment fleet of more than 100 sets, as well as some advanced manufacturing equipment, such as gantry mobile four-axis CNC drill, cnc ultra-high pressure water cutting machine, tube-plate automatic welding machine, automatic deep welding equipment, cnc hole openerthe ,DR(Digital imaging radiographic detection system),maximum weight 75t of crane, maximum thickness 120mm of coiling machine, Integral annealing of equipment maximum length 16m of trolley annealing furnace.Advanced equipment, superb skills, perfect quality assurance system, so that the company's products in the country enjoy a high reputation.

For more than 40 years, the company's products related to chlor-alkali, soda, vacuum salt, petrochemical, metallurgy, inorganic salt, chemical, electronics, marine,weapons, environmental protection and other industries, for the above industry to provide a large number of special materialequipment, the main varieties include:heatexchangers, separators, towers, reactors (kettles), storage tanks (tanks) and so on.The maximum heat exchanger heat exchanger manufactured by the company has an area of 5000m2or more, the maximum diameter is 4m, the maximum length is 12m, the maximum volume specification of the reservoir (tank) is 6m x 14m, the tower has a maximum diameter of 4.8m, the maximum diameter is 46m, the maximum operating pressure of the container is 22.9Mpa. The company for the PTA industry for the first time to achieve production equipment domestic production of a series of provide equipment, for the rubber industry to provide complete sets of equipmen, produced the first set of high-temperature and high-pressure treatment of organic wastewater titanium device.

The company is one of the participating institutions the national 4500m"deep-sea warrior" deep diver and 11000m “Endeavour” titanium alloy manned ball module manufacturing , Is the first piece of the heaviest and longest high-precision titanium shaft manufacturing major research units,completed the first set of titanium sightseeing platform (diameter 26m) manufacturing and installation tasks, expanding the application of titanium in the tourism industry. After the 19th Congress, the company adhering to the "environmental protection, green" development concept, vigorously develop sewage treatment industry, fine chemical industry related equipment, other national equipment projects, product development to the field of civil-military integration continued to expand, for the national weapons, ship field to provide a large number of products.

Baoti Equipment Manufacturing (Baoji) Co. , Ltd.Special Material non-standard equipment has a strong technical force, mature production technology and rich production experience, relying on Baoti Group's unique materials and technical advantages, will provide you with satisfactory products.

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