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Quality Control

1.Non-destructive testing: non-destructive testing work site area of more than 400 square meters (100 square meters of permeable room and 200 square meters of permeable room, operating room and film evaluation site more than 100 square meters), the existing X-ray machine 7, including imported X-ray machine two, the maximum energy 360KV,the maximum penetration capacity of 65mm (steel);

2.General inspection: helium mass spectrometry leak detection equipment one, a variety of inspection tools complete.

3.Personnel capacity: the existing domestic ray detection of the third level of personnel one, ray detection, ultrasonic testing and surface detection of the second level of personnel 5 people, the United States ASME ray detection, penetration detection of three personnel each 3 people, the United States ASME ray detection level 2 people each. 2 Non-destructive testing senior technician 3 people, technician 2 people, senior engineer 3, engineer 3 person, general inspection technician 2 people.

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