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Introduction to Deep Diver

June 1-7, 2016, the 4500-meter deep-diver titanium alloy manned ball shell developed by Baoti Group participated in the "12th Five-Year Plan" scientific and technological innovation achievement exhibition on the theme of "innovation-driven development, science and technology leading the future", And Party and state leaders such as General Secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang visited the exhibition and gave full recognition to bao-titanium's deep-submarine titanium alloy manned ball shell.

"4500 meters deep diver titanium alloy manned spherical shell" project is to meet the needs of China's deep-sea exploration field of manned submersible son-in-one components of the localization, by the Ministry of Science and Technology "863" major special support for the development of the key topic "4500 meters manned submersible design and key technology research" sub-topic. The design of the manned module was designed by the 702nd China Ship Heavy Industries, and Baoti was responsible for the production.

Bao tiium group developed titanium alloy manned ball module, sphere single weight of more than 4 tons, wall thickness of nearly 60 mm, the internal diameter of 2.1 meters, is currently the largest all-titanium alloy components. The project began in 2009, lasted more than 6 years, to the international cutting-edge technology as a benchmark, will be "production, learning, research, use" combined, a combination of domestic industry equipment and technical advantages, has overcome a number of key technologies, to fill a number of gaps in the field of domestic deep-dive and titanium alloy research, to improve the control of China's marine field, deep-sea resources exploration and development and utilization, and promote scientific and technological progress in the field of manufacturing has important significance.

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